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Aug 29, 2013 12:00pm PDT
cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> in just a couple of hours at 6:00 tonight members of the president's national security team will brief congressional leaders and high ranking members of the relevant committees on the situation in syria via a conference call. now, remember, a lot of lawmakers are home for august recess. the briefing comes amid a growing call for members on both sides of the aisle for a voteiz. president obama called speaker boehner to talk it over. dominico was covering that area of the story. how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> what's going on? what's the latest? >> we know there's going to be the 6:00 conference call for committee leaders. speaker boehner in that letter he wrote to president obama yesterday laid out 14 questions and boehner expects some answers to those questions once this call happens.
Aug 22, 2013 3:00pm EDT
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Aug 28, 2013 12:00pm PDT
will not be easy. since 1963 the economy's changed. the twin forces of technology and global competition have subtracted those jobs that once provided a foothold into the middle class, reduced the bargaining power of american workers. and our politics has suffered. entrenched interests, those who benefit from an unjust status quo resisted any government efforts to give working families a fair deal, marshaling an army of lobbyists to argue that stronger labor laws or taxes on the wealthy who could afford it just to fund crumbling schools, that all these things violated sound economic principles. we'd be told that growing inequality was a price for a growing economy. a measure of the free market. that greed was good and compassion ineffective. and those without jobs or health care had only themselves to blame. then there were those elected officials who found it useful to practice the old politics of division, doing their best to convince middle-class americans of a great untruth, that government was somehow itself to blame for their growing economic insecurity. that distant bu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)